An Introduction To Microsoft Dynamic CRM

Microsoft offers a variety of software products thinktribe. The Microsoft customer relationship manager (CRM), is steadily becoming the most appealing option in that category. This package is also the fastest growing and most sought-after. A CRM software package provides many functions, including the ability to build a database with vital information about customers and their preferences. It also allows for easier co-ordination among different departments. Microsoft Dynamic CRM integrates well with Windows’s operating system and e mail applications like Microsoft Outlook and Internet Explorer.

Microsoft has been updating their Dynamic family CRM suites constantly. Version 4.0 was released just recently, on November 24, 2008. According to the company’s website, the latest version, Version 4.0, was released on November 24, 2008. There are many options for arranging and classifying the stored data. The new version is faster than the older versions and as cost-effective.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the most recent version. This package allows you to effectively group customers, organize marketing campaigns, modify data, create reports, share data and enable smooth communication among different departments within your organization. The software suite allows for better customer relationship management by helping the executive to understand the buying habits and characteristics of customers.